QuickSet Cloud is part of Universal  Electronics’ award winning QuickSet® product family, the de facto solution for  simplifying universal control setup and operation. QuickSet solution is widely deployed in over 250 million devices around the world including set-top boxes, televisions, game consoles, smartphones, and tablets.

QuickSet Cloud is a cloud platform implementation of QuickSet using standard web technologies, providing access to intelligent engines built on top of Universal  Electronics’ world-class device database with the most robust collection of device discovery fingerprints and control codes, updated in real-time, ensuring successful control of the  entire entertainment system and a growing range of connected devices.

Where to start?

Please contact your account representative from Universal Electronics to request access to QuickSet Cloud Dev Portal. 

If you do not yet have an assigned representative, contact us here and we will help make the introductions.

We will then setup the account with the appropriate project information and send you the credentials and an invitation to the dev portal.

This dev portal includes dynamic documentation of QuickSet Cloud APIs where commands can be issued, and responses reviewed. We hope our extensive library of QuickSet Cloud Services can help get you started quickly and easily. To learn more about QuickSet Cloud services and learn how you can apply the services to your products, navigate here.

QuickSet Cloud™ is a powerful platform for:

effortless discovery of the devices in the home; and

seamless interaction with their content.